Rentable square feet

rentable square feet

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Office Space 101: Rentable vs. Usable Square Footage. by Vinny Di Meglio | 01 September 2015. There is a common problem in the commercial real estate . Jan 15, 2014 . Why are most commercial tenants paying rent on more square footage than they occupy? Learn the difference between rentable vs. usable . Rentable square feet is the square footage of the space and the space's pro rata share of the common areas of the building (lobby, common hallways, shared . May 31, 2013 . In commercial leases the leased premises is usually defined in terms of rentable square feet. Tenants often focus their negotiations on the . Feb 7, 2010 . In leasing, Tenants need to know how their leasable / rentable square footage ( rsf) is determined. If you've ever purchased a residence, you . Feb 26, 2010 . Simply stated, rentable square footage is the area of the enclosed interior space of the building other than holes in the floor, such as stairwells, . Dec 19, 2013 . Do you want to clearly understand rentable square feet (RSF) vs usable square feet (USF) including a solid example? You've come to the right . 5 days ago . Knowing the difference between usable square feet and rentable square feet can mean all the difference in evaluating the best deal on a . Most office space today is leased by the square foot.. Rentable area is more inclusive—it consists of all space except for the elevator shaft and fire-escape . Definition: According to BOMA Standards , "Rentable Square Feet" is a term that combines " usable square feet " plus a portion of the common area. The difference between usable square feet and rentable square feet is generally between 10-15%, with rentable square feet. More »

rentable square feet

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rentable square feet

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